Teach SQL with your data
The best platform to teach your staff SQL using real data.
Why should you teach your colleagues SQL?

Data driven

Transform your company's data literacy and get everyone making data driven decisions.


No more data breadlines, no more data request backlogs. Everyone can get their answers when they want.

No tool limits

Teach your colleagues to answer any data question they have. No more limits because of a what a tool can do.

Save time

Help your colleagues automate tedious spreadsheet reporting. Save your analysts' time for the really hard problems that no one else can answer.

Big data

Get your team started with big data analytics that they can't get done with spreadsheets.

Hidden data

Improve the discoverability of your data by teaching your colleagues how to use it.

Fast Set Up
Customize course content for your company
Configure the course and tutorial questions for your company vertical and your company's data. We analyze your data warehouse metadata to make this process quick and easy.
Easy Learning
SQL analytics made super easy.
Teach your team to build SQL queries gradually with a variety of question formats to both introduce and reinforce key concepts.
Your Database
Bring your own database.
Get your colleagues familiar with the SQL syntax that they will be using in their day to day. Teach them with real data from your actual database.
Every Role
Everyone can become a SQL analytics pro.
A core SQL course tailored with examples relevant to each role. Added guided tutorials specific to each role. Finance tutorials for the finance people, product tutorials for the product people, relevant tutorials for everyone!
We've taught some of the most data driven teams
All the experience we've gained from teaching in-person analytics courses to product, marketing and finance teams have been incorporated into our online course.
No tool limits
"Bayan's data analysis with SQL course equipped me with the skills to combine datasets and answer real business questions that traditional tools couldn't. It totally changed the way I make data driven decisions. I can highly recommend it."
Brad Forster
Head of SEO
Domain Group
Big data
"Bayan's SQL for data analysis course changed my workflow from basic spreadsheet analysis to powerful big data analysis. The real world examples and datasets let me see the value of SQL quickly and encouraged me to learn. I can't imagine doing my job without SQL in my skillset."
Tom Donohoe
Global SEO Manager
Big data
Save time
"Bayan's SQL course will transform the way you work with large datasets, especially if you're an in-house SEO working on enterprise level sites. Having no prior experience with SQL before the course, I can now get straight to the answers and insights that I need without having to tediously export multiple spreadsheets and stitch data back together. There's been so many different applications in my role where SQL skills have been incredibly valuable."
Karla Sumera
Senior SEO Manager
Domain Group
Save time
No tool limits
"Before taking Bayan's data analytics with SQL course I was doing a lot of manual reporting with Excel which I can now automate by scheduling SQL scripts. This gave me a lot more time to answer more business questions rather than being bogged down with day to day reporting. I particularly liked the real Google Analytics examples in the course and how I could join the user event tables back to company specific tables which meant that I could answer questions that nobody else had answers for."
Kristjan Smarason
Marketing Insights Analyst
Zip Co
Big data
Save time
"Bayan's courses were a game-changer for me. In the past, I was heavily reliant on spreadsheets and time-consuming manual processes, but as the amount of data exploded in our company, my lack of SQL knowledge was becoming a real problem. Upskilling in SQL helped me do my job better, and get access to the data I needed to without having to wait days or weeks for someone else to query the data. In-fact, Bayan's program put me on a path to a new career, from Marketer to Data Scientist. The courses are well-paced for non-technical users and the heavy focus on real-life business problems helped me stick with it. Bayan does a fantastic job of explaining complex concepts. I've seen first-hand how these programs can transform an organisation."
Clinton McNabb
Data Scientist (Former Marketer)
Domain Group
The easiest and fastest way to learn SQL.
An easy to use learning platform designed to maximize the rate of learning and retention with minimal effort.
Stay motivated with rewards
A fun learning experience with rewards and streaks to keep your colleagues motivated.
Real world problems
Teach your colleagues to solve actual problems they will have at work with real datasets and company specific problems.
Improve quickly
A range of learning formats designed to increase the rate at which your team acquires, retains and masters key concepts.
Adaptive difficulty
The rate of progress is never too easy or too hard to keep your team in a state of flow.
Interactive SQL Editor
Interactive editor built to learn data analysis.
An interactive editor that guides your colleagues with hints as they learn to write queries to solve analytics problems. They can start off by editing and running pre-written queries. Once they've mastered a concept, they can learn to write the full query on their own.
Core SQL Lessons
Teach SQL basics with your own company data.
Filtering data
Transforming data
Aggregating data
Merging data
Walk-through SQL tutorials
Teach your business people how to solve real world problems using SQL that they can apply to their day jobs from day one.
Customizable channel attribution analysis
User page flow analysis and UX debugging
Build fully customizable conversion cohorts
Finding anomalies in web & mobile metrics
Pricing and revenue optimization
Marketing & product A/B testing
Analyzing text data to extract key themes
Funnel analysis with SQL
Acquisition page attribution for web & mobile traffic
Forecasting metrics
Segmentation and clustering of users or customers
Customer lifetime value estimation
Understand the drivers of metrics
Customer churn and user retention analysis
Ready to make your company data driven?
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