Build data-driven
marketing teams
Your own company-specific analytics training program.
Boost your company's data literacy

Data Discovery

Teach your colleagues how to use and fully leverage your data.


Help your business people get their answers quickly. Reduce the load on your analysts.

Data Literacy

Improve organizational data literacy. Make better data driven decisions.

Be as data-driven as Airbnb
Data scientists saw a fifty percent decrease in ad hoc requests when the teams they support went through Data U Intensive. When business partners can answer their own questions using basic SQL queries and dashboards, it frees up significant time for data scientists to work on higher impact projects which are crucial for the strategy and direction of their partner teams.
Personalised Program
Case studies for every role
Learners can choose their role and see relevant tutorials and case studies teaching them how to solve common problems with data.
Your Schema
Teach with your data
Learning how to analyse data with real table and column names with the right syntax for your data warehouse makes it easy for learners to be productive from day one.
Tutorial Library
A large library of analytics tutorials
Use our library of pre-built analytics tutorials that have been mapped to your data.
Custom Tutorials
Tutorials just for your company
We will make new custom tutorials for use cases that are unique to your company and your data.
Progress Reports
Monthly progress reports
Receive monthly reports on the progress of your colleagues. Reach out to them when they're stuck and need help.
How it works

1. Share your schema

Provide the column and table names for a few tables core to your business.

2. Build your course

We will map your data to our pre-built tutorials and build new ones just for your company.

3. Invite your learners

Invite your colleagues to start learning and monitor their progress with monthly reports sent to your email.

Ready to be data driven?